The ultimate hygienic solution 

bust disgust

biotreatment for toilet brushes

Powerful, odor-free, longer lasting (effective up to 35 days) clean

“BUST DISGUST” is a powerful biotreatment designed with the safety of the user in mind. 

It is the ultimate hygienic solution.

It is powered by the BIOSURF® and CONSORTIUM® processes which combine ultra-effective biosurfactants, suspended in liquid, and specialized in digestion of organic matters. “BUST DISGUST” accelerates the degradation of organic matters and cellulose. It kills unpleasant odors at their source and inhibits foul- smelling gas such as H2 S. It leaves a pleasant and long-lasting pine fragrance. “BUST DISGUST” keeps the Pure-Brush clean and sanitary.

““Bust Disgust” has been specifically designed for Pure-Brush and we do not
recommend the use of other agents as they will not be suitable or effective to perform the required function.”


  • Kills germs and other threats.
  • Degrades organic matter.
  • Safe and economical.
  • Powerful, long-lasting fragrance.
  • Eco-friendly and effective.
  • This bottle, when diluted, keeps your Pure-Brush sanitised for in excess of 6 months.
  • Refills sold separately.


The brush holder is designed to hold 600ml of solution. 

Pour 100ml of “Bust Disgust” with 500ml of water into the “Pure-Brush” holder, using the brush to mix the solution.

For best results, we recommend that the brush remains submerged in the solution for lengthy periods

The diluted formula is effective for up to 35 days.

We refuse to use animals in any of our testing and research.

“Bust Disgust” has been specifically formulated for Pure-Brush – no other household detergent can deliver the same results.

Our SOLUTION, is the solution.


“BUST DISGUST” synergizes the BIOSURF® process - which employs ultra- powerful biosurfactants that are up to 500 times more effective than traditional chemical surfactants - with CONSORTIUM® - microorganisms working in synergy. Extra long-lasting fragrance and safe.


“BUST DISGUST” is safe for people and for the planet. It does not require “hazard labelling”, is GMO-free and reduces the risk of allergic reactions.


“BUST DISGUST” is eco-designed for environmental sustainability. Active ingredients are derived from renewable resources.


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