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These images are a common sight in many bathrooms and toilets. The toilet brush has not changed materially since it’s invention in 1932 and is undoubtably the filthiest item in any home or business.

We had to change that and we did. You now have an intelligent and innovative way of changing that in your living or working space.

Current products on the market

Most toilet brush products have remained stagnant in their design and functionality. The differentiator in all cases is the material used or exterior profile style. That is simply not effective.

Despite being used and accepted for years, the traditional toilet brush has a major design flaw – it is unhygienic, fetid and it spread germs.

Ironically, the item used to clean is actually the dirtiest and most unsanitary thing in any toilet or bathroom. Much of what has been removed from the bowl is transferred into the open brush holder where it is left to fester and as a result, cause rancid odors and the spread of germs.

The brush and holder often turn a brown colour – a clear indication of the level of filth. This is not due to age but rather the waste left on the brush. The holder itself becomes contaminated, resulting in unsanitary moisture/fluid scum at the
bottom of the bowl. Even options that encase the brush only do so while it is not being used. As soon as the brush is lifted out of the case, both germs and smells follow suit.

Current toilet brush models are simply ineffective in combating germs and actually, promote their spread. They are left uncleaned and unchecked in their stand after use, allowing germs to breed and multiply, making your toilet and bathroom contaminated, unhealthy and aesthetically unpleasant.

“We have changed that!”


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