Pure-Brush Designa


Pure-Brush is an innovative breakthrough in toilet brush design. We literally brush away
bacteria and germs after use and keep it away.

‘Pure-Brush’ has a patented, state-of-the-art, modern design that provides a 24/7 germ
defence system that keeps your toilet brush, clean, germ-free, aesthetically appealing, and
beautifully scented.

“World’s cleanest and most hygienic toilet brush”

  • Kills germs and viruses
  • Degrades organic matter
  • Scientifically cleans and sanitises
  • Long Lasting fragrance feature
  • Kills Odours
  • Eco-friendly and Biodegradable
  • High Quality
  • Trendy design to compliment all bathrooms
  • Keeps your family safe


“We are the solution”

How it Works:

  • We have formulated a unique and powerful "Bust Disgust" cleaning and sanitizing solution, for specific use with your Pure-Brush.
  • The Brush and Holder remain hygienic and clean.
  • After use, insert the brush into the holder, keeping the brush head submerged in the solution.
  • To remove stubborn waste matter, dunk the brush in and out of the solution in a piston-like motion. This will ensure that your Pure-Brush is always cleaned and remains sanitised.
  • For the best results, we recommend the brush head remains submerged in the solution for lengthy periods.
  • To use the drip-dry position, rest the brush cover on top of the holder wall guides.
  • Ensure that the brush head has been cleaned prior to using this feature.
  • It’s as simple as that.
  • “Bust Disgust” refills sold separately.


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